قالب وردپرسافزونه وردپرسقالب فروشگاهی وردپرسقالب وردپرسقالب صحیفه


The story takes us back to 2012

Two o’level (Highs chool) students Akib Sharif and Emran Hassan had a dream of setting up a by 5 star hotel …..they had a lot of difficulties with earning the capital needed. So they started earning black mon…….oops wrong story O_O ……….okay so at the start of the year they wanted to create a band, they had a lot of difficulties but then they managed to find a hell raising drummer Ishraque (sadly our brother had to leave the band later on) who could easily connect with the crowd. Then there he came from basically no where Ratul!!!!!! O_O……who fell from above with a peculiar thing that created holy music called a GUITAR!!!!, thus, became their lead guitarist…..then the band struggled a lot with many pads going imperfect, then the band found out that something was missing, that’s when a guy wearing more chains than clothes named Arny appeared in front of them, after sometimes he decided to get involve in this weird world …..EXENEMY!!!!!

The band set out practicing for two months and suddenly gets a concert which they pretty much enjoyed themselves and got influenced by the crowd so much that they decided to keep this band running forever.

But sadly, after a small accident their drummer Ishraque got injured badly and was forced to leave the band for some other reasons as well (he left the country)……Band Lead Guitarist Ratul also left as he turned towards Allah (very Respectable) the band took in Sajid Hasan as guitarist and so Exenemy had SUJI…on drums !!!!! you guys probably know him as Sharyar Hasan from Savagery (or probably not)…. started helping them out for sometime (at first) later on got so high that he actually got in the family :v (aaaah kids nowadays -___-‘)

AND SOO!!!!! O_O !!!!!

to this day they are still carrying their craziness (even after some sad departures and the opportunity cost of a five star hotel e_e )

but happily they all did music and was headed for insanity \nn/
ow Ratul (guitarist) quit in middle still have no idea why though…..And Penny Joined in and left…….and we had Souren !!!!! wooohoo !!!! :D

And in the early 2015 our Drummer decided to quit as well sadly. And Then !!!! HE FREAKING CAME BACK WITH THIS STONER KEYBOARDIST !!!! who kicks ass like hell (MASHUQ HAQUE) ow you might know him as well as the ex – keyboardist of Savagery…or maybe not ;) !!!!

Band Members:
Emran Hassan – Vocal,
Shanil Arnab – Lead Guitarist,
Ahmed Souren – Lead Guitar
Akib Sharif – Bass
Mashuq Haque – Keyboardist
Sharyar Hassan – Drums


قالب وردپرسافزونه وردپرسقالب فروشگاهی وردپرسقالب وردپرسقالب صحیفه